China solar panel for house suppliers

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China solar panel for house suppliers

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Flexible solar cell is one kind of film solar panel, which is advanced technology, excellent performance, low cost, and wide application. It can be used for solar backpack, solar tent, solar torch, solar automobile, solar sailing and even aeroplane. One important application field for flexible solar panel is BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic). It can be assembled on the roof, external wall or internal wall.
1.Available for bending, folding, and easy for carrying
2.Weight is only 1/10 of traditional solar panel on condition of same size, 3~4kg/m2
3.Thickness is only 1/5 of traditional solar panel
4.Strong ability of power generation on weak sunlight: 5~6hours
5.Conform to IEC 61646 and IEC 61730, UL 1703
6.Warranty: 10 years quality guarantee and 25 years power guaranteeChina solar panel for house suppliers
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