China metal stamp suppliers

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China metal stamp suppliers

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“Sheetwell” skilled team of engineers and machinists, offer a wide range of CNC operations manufacturing services, not only machining like drill, lathing, milling, even slotted shim, grinding, countersink riveting, broaching, boring.
We provide additional turnkey manufacturing services are available such as welding, powder coating, anodizing, etching, brushing and assembly, make high-volume production as your own work shop.
Products size as big as up to 6 meter, as well small fine machining parts even for electronic component and appliance, machinery ,we can deal with material from iron to stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy:
our Equipments:
CNC machining center, lathe, rivet machine, drill, rolling machine, milling machine.

Our factory also can make other metal processing like laser cutting, bending, CNC punching, die deep drawing stamping, as we have 14,000 square meter area factory with 5 shops:China metal stamp suppliers
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