Ellipsoidal Tank Heads

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Ellipsoidal Tank Heads

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Our Factory
Established in 2003, Yixing Jiuzhou Head Plate Forging Co., Ltd. (as YXJZ below) is a professional manufacturer who is concerned with the design and production of all series pressure vessel heads. With a complete set of 300T, 500T, 800T, 1200T, 4000T and 6000T automatic press machines, 3.6m, 4.2m, 6.5m, 8.5m and 12m spinning machines, NDT room, physics and chemistry rooms, mechanics laboratory, welding test room, welding warehouse and 12,500mm heat-treating furnace. We continuously increase investment in technology and equipment, such as NC polishing machine, plasma welding, NC cutter, gantry automatic grinder, automatic plasma welding machine, milling machine; after the construction will realize the automatic production line.
YXJZ has a national standard of quality control system, has qualified by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSMS18001. We obtained production license of A3 in Oct. 2006 and achieved the international approvals of ASME in July 2009. YXJZ has a variety series of productions as ellipsoidal heads, flat heads, cone heads, spherical heads, spherical cap-shaped heads, U-rings, expansion joint, diameter from 42mm to 12,000mm, covers all kinds of carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels. YXJZ takes lead in eccentric cone head, bow-shaped bottom head, panes spherical head, titanium alloy steel head, forming technology of large thin-walled stainless steel panes and special alloy steels.
YXJZ always focuses on the staff training and construction of corporate culture. We aim at devoting to realize the maximization of customer and ownership interest, to treat staff well and growing together, to be a thanksgiving and make the biggest contribution to the society. Integrity is fundamental, science and technology to lead to glory.
Our Product
Torispherical heads
Ellipsoidal heads
Dished bottom for tank
Spherical bottoms
Flat bottoms
Spherical dished bottoms
Dished discs
Elliptical bottoms
Inverted heads
Hemispherical heads
Segmental heads
Product Application
1. Pressure Vessel Industry
2. Petroleum Industry
3. Chemical Industry
4. Pharmaceutical Industry
5. Sewage Treatment Industry
6. Food Industry
7. Nuclear Power Industry
8. Military Industry
9. Aerospace Industry
10. Machinery Industry
11. Construction Industry
12. Shipbuilding Industry
13. Cosmetic Industry
14. General Storage Industry
15. Steam Boiler Industry
Product Application
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Cold Pressing
With cold press forming, head plates can be formed with inner diameters ranging from 200-3,200 mm (50 mm pitch up to 2,000 mm, and 100 mm pitch for above 2,000 mm), and with plate thickness of up to 28 mm using the fully-automated press we developed exclusively for head plates. Our cold press forming technology meets JIS standards for head plates, and contributes to their reliable quality as well as boosting productivity.
Hot Pressing
Hot spinning is used to fabricate head plates with inner diameters ranging from 600-7,000 mm and plate thickness of up to 80 mm.
Cold spinning forming
Spinning is used to fabricate medium-sized (non-standard) head plates and those of large diameters. Using cold spinning,head plates can be formed with inner diameters ranging from 400-8,000 mm and plate thickness of up to 26 mm.Head plates with inner diameters of up to 12,000 mm can be fabricated if they are thin and the knuckle radius is short.
Hot spinning forming
Hot spinning is used to fabricate head plates with inner diameters ranging from 600-7,000 mm and plate thickness of up to 80 mm.
Heat TreatmentEllipsoidal Tank Heads
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