Best Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant

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Best Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant

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About Us
Henan Roadway Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxiang city of Henan province, which is construction machinery production base of China.
We, roadway is focus on road construction and maintenance machinery, asphalt equipment and traffic safety facilities. Our main products include asphalt distributor, chip sealer, micro-surfacing slurry paver, road maintenance vehicle, road crack sealing machine, road grooving machine, asphalt production plant, asphalt storage tank, road crack sealant and traffic safety facilities etc.
Henan Roadway Technology Co., Ltd. will provide 鈥淭urn-Key Solutions鈥?for customers鈥?application of road products, it includes technical consultant, products providing, installation & commissioning, training, following the whole life of Roadway. Giving full support to customers so that they can keep our step on customer鈥檚 concern.
Roadway products have widely used in more than 30 countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Australia, British, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and so on.
Welcome to visit our company and cooperation for the future!
Roadway Gate
Road Maintenance Machinery Workshop
Road Construction Machinery Workshop
Traffic Safety Facilities Showroom
Road Crack Sealant WorkshopBest Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant
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