5L Round Printing Paint Can

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5L Round Printing Paint Can

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Our History
Bright packing is one of the HT-GROUP plants. With years of production experience, we have now become one of the major suppliers of metal can industry in China.
After 12 years of local market development, we have been exporting our products since 2007 and now export to more than 65 countries. Our customers include some well-known brands such as JOTUN, PPG, and SUN CHEMICAL.
Our Factory
Our factory is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. We have 8 fully automated production lines, mainly producing food cans, engine oil tanks, chemical cans and tin can components. Our annual sales are $12 million. We have a professional sales team and design team to provide customers with the perfect packaging design and service. With years of experience, we have UN certification and ISO9001 certification.
Our Product
Engine oil can, chemical can, food can, tin can component. We accept custom sizes and shapes.
Product Application
Engine oil, brake fluid, paint, ink, solvent, thinner, chemicals, glue, olive oil, ketchup, food.

Our Certificate
SGS, ISO9001,UN approved,FDA,
Production Equipment
We use China's most advanced automation equipment, square cans machine and paint can machine and food can machine. tin can components machine. Effectively ensure the quality and stability of our products. We also have advanced inspection quality equipment and established a quality inspection department.
Production Market
We have 60% of overseas markets and 40% of the Chinese market. We have a professional foreign trade sales team and a domestic trade sales team.
Our Service
We focus on every aspect of production, from raw material ordering to final product, with strict quality control standards at every step. We accept customers to inspect our factory and provide quality inspection reports to our customers. We have a professional export team when exporting goods, which can solve many export problems, such as customs clearance for customers.( Our service aim is to solve every problem that customers worry about and let customers use our products with confidence.)
5L Round Printing Paint Can
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